100 Years of Iranian Hair and Makeup Trends

"iranian hair and makeup"The team who created two super-popular minute-long videos (watch them here and here) featuring a century’s worth of American beauty trends is back at it. This time, the team showcased Iran’s iconic hair and makeup styles over the past hundred years.

Iranian Hairstyle

Iran is having a good hair day. Organizers of Tehran’s Modesty and Veil Festival issued a list of acceptable hairstyles for women.

In an attempt to rid the country of “decadent Western cuts”, Iran’s culture ministry has produced a catalogue of haircuts that meet government requirement.

Iran’s culture ministry has produced a catalogue of haircuts that comply with Iranian culture and Islamic law.

An Iranian woman gets a haircut at an official hairdressing show as the Islamic republic prepares for the ‘Modesty and Veil. It’s something like a holy war on haircuts. Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has issued a directive banning’ decadent’ hairstyles.

Iran has unveiled haircuts that according to officials are in line with Iranian and Islamic principles.

The Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance’s new dictate on acceptable male hairstyles might seem absurd, even silly.

Iranian Makeup

With a female population of more than 38 million, Iran is the second-largest cosmetics market in the Middle East in terms of revenue.

n Iranian woman puts on makeup as she waits for a concert by the Iranian singer Hamid Asgari at the Interior Ministry building in Tehran, Apr.

This is the only reason why these beautiful Iranian women manage to look so fit and flawless. There are various beauty, makeup, fitness.

Iranian women are considered to be really beautiful and attractive. They keep all their parts covered, except for their face.

Novelist Marjan Kamali goes back to visit family in Iran, and discovers a country that is obsessed with beauty and makeup.

Watch and be amazed by all the hair and beauty inspo.