14 Signs You Definitely Grew Up Argentinian

"Grew Up Argentinian"1. Single word: dulce de leche. Alright, that is actually three words. In any case, this caramel-like goodness can be found in every cake, treat, and scoop of frozen yogurt.

2. You take after Cool Pope Francis on Twitter. In any case, you can’t recall the last time you went to chapel.

3. Your vocabulary is appraised P-G13. In the event that you don’t call your companion a boludo (slang for a certain male body part) at any rate once per day, would you say you are even companions?

4. Diego Maradona is a questionable subject. There’s no denying that he is the best soccer player ever (yes, ever), yet any reasonable person would agree his ethical compass is presumably broken (to understate the obvious).

5. You will dependably claim to speak Castellano, not Spanish. That is your story, and you’re adhering to it! Yes, you supplant tu with vos, however where it counts, you know you speak Español simply like others, regardless of the possibility that you won’t let it be known.

6. You have a whole accumulation of Argentine soccer attire. Since there is no such thing as an excessive amount of pride.

7. Mate is a social beverage. Chupe y pase. There are a lot of germs to go around.

8. You were taught that soccer is not only a game. It’s essentially a religion.

9. You say “che” a considerable measure. Also, different Latinos ponder Che Guevara. Anyhow, you’re definitely not! Truth be told, the expression at first had nothing to do with Guevara. He was really given the moniker “Che” on the grounds that, similar to all Argentinians, he utilized the expression constantly. (His genuine name is Ernesto.)

10. Your heart liquefied when Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo turned into a ~*iTeM*~. It’s an excellent story of youth closest companions beginning to look all starry eyed at, and it warms the cockles of your chilly, dead heart .

11. Manu Ginobili is the sole reason you possess a Spurs shirt. Who cares if you truly watch ball amid March Madness? Ginobili is the crap, and you will go to your grave protecting him.

12. You have a cousin named Florencia, Maria, or Valentina. In the event that you don’t, you likely at any rate have a cousin named Agustina.

13. Your grandparents are Italian, Spanish, or both. Also, you discover yourself continually needing to disclose this to individuals when they ask you how you can potentially be Latina and have blonde hair and blue eyes in the meantime.

14. Your eating routine comprises of steak. Throughout the day, consistently. Period. How would it be able to not, when world’s best steak originates from Argentina? Genuine story