5 Pieces of “Pitch Perfect” Friendship Advice Every Woman Needs in Her Life

"universal picture"1. Imparted hobbies are an incredible approach to bond. The Barden Bellas may be a blended sack of identities, yet they’re all united by their affection for a cappella — and their yearning to beat whatever other gathering that stands in their direction.

2. No lady is an island. Beca doesn’t at first approach school with a lot of a can-do soul; she is for the most part determined to getting in, getting out, and moving the blazes on. This is not a state of mind helpful for making deep rooted companions, and its one that Beca needs to shed to succeed at, well, practically anything. Try not to battle it: Everyone needs their kin.

3. Genuine companions won’t pass judgment on what you can’t control. Like shot heaving amid the most imperative execution of your young life.

4. Regardless of the possibility that your companion ridicules herself, you shouldn’t join in. Fat Amy manages “twig bitches” who ridicule her weight by issuing herself an epithet that stretches out beyond their mean jokes. However, genuine companions will call you Patricia. (Fat Amy’s genuine name!)

5. Your companions ought to admire your abilities. At the point when Chloe reports she has vocal hubs, the gathering is as crushed as she seems to be. They realize what she’s wort