5 Things Not to Say to a Married Woman Who Didn’t Change Her Name

"Married Woman"1. What do I even call you?

This is genuinely something I was asked a week ago. Call me by my first and last name, similar to you’ve been accomplishing for exacting years. In the event that that is befuddling to you, I feel like you shouldn’t be permitted to work an engine vehicle, handle sharp questions, or go out, period.

2. Is your spouse upset?

No. Why might he be? I trust you esteem me enough to realize that I wouldn’t be hitched to an extremist who sobs on and on in light of the fact that I didn’t take his last name.

3. By what means will individuals know you’re hitched?

By the horde of different pointers, including the way that I reference my spouse give or take ten thousand times for each discussion now. (Similar to the love bird custom.) (It’s still so strange! I have a spouse!) (Also, I don’t generally mind on the off chance that they don’t. As Salt-n-Peppa rapped about this extremely subject: “It’s not your concern!”) (I surmise that is the thing that the melody is about.)

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4. What will your children’s last names be!?

Um, who said we’re having youngsters? Furthermore, I figure we’ll make sense of that when the time comes. Possibly it’ll be something new like “Screw The Patriarchy”. Haha JK. Kinda. Possibly. (I’m KIDDING, Mom! Try not to opening your wrists!)

5. Your children will be so befuddled.

Um, once more, who said we’re having children? Furthermore, children are befuddled around a great deal of things—like regardless of whether something is palatable. In the event that I have a baby, I’m gonna be significantly more concerned with them not inadvertently eating cement and not all that worried about clarifying why their father and I have distinctive last names. Concerning when they grow up? Indeed, in the event that they can’t comprehend that essential reality when they’re more seasoned, I’m gonna be more agonized over their IQ than whatever els