57 Women Intoxicated To Death during Annual Riyadh Fashion Week

"Riyadh Fashion Week"
Riyadh Fashion Week

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA—with native organizers and attendees greeting the occasion as a “major success,” the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh enfolded up its 10th annual fashion week Friday, a big-name global glass case of the newest leanings during which 57 women were attacked to death by stones.

The fashionable high-fashion occasion, which debuted the fall dressmaking collections of Calvin Klein, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Anna Sui amongst others, took domicile over seven days in the city’s expensive Olaya district and demanded the lives of dozens of models, assistants, and designers, as well as 19 female spectators members whose outfits unprotected parts of their bodies other than their eyes or hands.

“Riyadh Fashion Week is the place to be to check out the newest styles and kill the women wearing them,” said local fruit seller Salman Awad, who appealed that this was his favorite of the six Fashion Weeks he’s joined, as he was talented to take out the eye of a model tiring a brocade tunic at Tuesday’s Vivienne Tam show. “My friends and I made sure to line up outside the tents before dawn to get good seats close to the front. It’s a lot easier to hit them in the head that way.”

“I’m already starting to save up my rocks for next year’s Fashion Week,” Awad added. “I can’t wait.”

Fashion Week organizers inveterate that this year’s crowd was the uppermost in the event’s history, enticing thousands of eager stone-wielding visitors from all over the Middle East. Rendering to event operate, each runway show was perpendicular room only, with fashion industry leaders and celebrities reproduction elbows at top designers’ assembly debuts and glitzy brand-sponsored after-parties together with Saudi locals challenging to know which, if any, of the women had established consent to be there from either their husbands or a male associate of their family.

This year’s occasion jolted off last Saturday with a chic multi-designer display in the plush Kingdom Centre, during which spectator’s members were so they say stimulated into an anger of anticipation even before the show began by large-screen projections of the newest existing fashion trends in Paris and Milan. Sources labelled the show as a “stunning spectacle,” with passionate crowd members bombing models one by one as they came out onto the catwalk, leave-taking a growing mound of bloodied female bodies and high-end custom-fitted gowns and furniture on stage.

In addition to the stoning’s, bases long-established that for the duration of a disco-themed show Wednesday night containing Jay Godfrey’s 2014 resort-wear line, attendees ran out of missiles and were involuntary to haste the stage and stifle numerous models to death with their own $1,100 ruched cowl-neck tops, all while famous DJ Geordon Nicol spun a live dance music set.

“From where I was sitting, I had a great view of Oscar de la Renta getting beheaded just a few rows in front of me,” said first-time Fashion Week visitor Faisal Qureshi. “When I bought my ticket I was only planning to hurl rocks at the models on the runway, but once everybody started chanting ‘Death to Western infidels,’ I ended up joining in on the melee and pummeling several hairstylists and makeup artists who looked like homosexuals.”

“It was the best fashion show I’ve ever been to,” he continued. “I got to personally hold down and help castrate three sodomites.”

Despite the fact every year at least five or six women are intoxicated to death at Riyadh Fashion Week, organizers inveterate that this was by far the biggest number killed since 2009, when 21 women modelling the DKNY summer line had their heads bashed in with rocks as they altered offstage. Those who continued the original bashing and made it out to model that year’s high-waisted halter bikinis were supposedly met by a hyperactive audience that threw cups of acid on their faces and bodies.

However, organizers say the occasion’s attractiveness has grown to such an degree that they are rational of increasing the number of demonstrations in the future.

“In Saudi Arabia, there’s a new generation of fashion-conscious citizens who want to stone the next big thing,” said Riyadh Fashion Week executive director Hakim Moghadam. “Whether it’s heaving rocks at the new Zac Posen ready-to-wear collection, or giving hundreds of lashes to anyone sporting BCBGMAXAZRIA, they want to be a part of the scene.”

“And we want to let everyone across the Kingdom know that they don’t have to travel to London or New York,” he continued. “They can slaughter the immodest in their own backyard, right here in Riyadh.”