Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan hits out at young women’s unhealthy ‘burger bellies’

"Collette Dinnigan"
Collette Dinnigan

Acclaimed Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan has sensation out at overheavy young girls with “big burger bellies”, calling for them to figure up and eat vigorous.

The 48-year-old, who has functioned in the weight-conscious fashion world for the past 24 years, said she too frequently saw adolescent girls with “big burger bellies”, defining the look as “unattractive”.

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“I see so many girls with those cut-off short shorts and midriff tops and their big bellies hanging out the top of them and I’m just thinking, `Why on earth would you think this looks attractive?’ ” she said.

“I walk down the street and they’re 16-17 years old and I feel like saying to them, `It’s just so unattractive, you have no idea.’ ”

Dinnigan begged teens to look at their health, and said parentages and teachers desired to play a role in Australia’s growing fatness problem among children.

“I’m not promoting being too slim; I’m promoting being actually healthy,” she said.

“I’m not some skinny, twiggy, little girl, I’ve got a body and I’m healthy, but there’s so much over-processed food and salts and sugars and burgers and pizzas, and everything is fast food as opposed to making the effort and eating well. I think our schools and parents need to teach skills like that.”

The designer also disapproved the popular kaftan tendency, saying too many women were consuming them to fleece unhealthy bodies.

“That I think is kind of women’s way of just covering up. I think it’s better to look at your health and get your body in shape,” she said.

Dinnigan has achieved to preserve a healthy existence in spite of manipulating a international fashion brand, book deals and motherhood to nine-year-old daughter Estella and one-year-old son Hunter.

Yesterday she was at Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast promoting her new autobiography, Obsessive Creative, which tells how she be able to it all.

In spite of proclaiming in October she would be closing up shop on her commended label next year, Dinnigan said she was still as busy as always.

“We’ve got the book tour, we’ve still got our shops going, we’ve got the Collette by Collette Dinnigan photoshoot happening, there’s still lots of things happening in the company,” she said.

The operation would downsize over Christmas, but the final store in Melbourne would not close until May or June next year, Dinnigan said.

She will endure with her children’s wear variety and line of eyewear for Specsavers, and will sustain an office for “little creative projects”.