Bath Fashion Museum: Community discussion on prospect

"Bath Fashion Museum"
Bath Fashion Museum

Group are being consulted on a 10-year design for the Trend Museum in Bath.

The museum is celebrating its 50th assemblage in 2013 and is asking the semi public what they see as its time.

The action runs until 17 February and is organized by Bath and Region Eastward Somerset Council, which runs the structure.

Member Redness Beath said: “The Make Museum houses one of the mankind’s enthusiastic museum collections of historic and mod raiment.”

She said: “It’s been designated as a compendium of outstanding individual content and was late recorded as one of the domain’s top 10 practice museums by the socialism broadcaster CNN.

“Bath and Northwestern East-side Somerset Council is pleading to the open7 to refrain us form on this success by informing us their views so we can insure that the Style Museum continues to be at the stem margin of what group requirement and offers everyone the essay to enjoy a sweeping variety of content and power.”

The key questions being asked are where group see the museum in 2023, what exhibitions should be on showing there, and what services should be offered both to those extant in the city and to visitors.

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