Brit Awards for Fashion 2014

"Brit Awards for Fashion 2014"Brit Awards for Fashion really a prestigious issue for all who are working and thinking about the fashion world.

Best and worst dressed, from Kate Moss to Pixie Lott and Ellie Goulding in the Brit Awards for Fashion 2014.

There was just time for one last good job before the fashion circus set rolling out of town. And, befittingly, it was the furthermost rock ‘n’ roll red carpet of them all: the Brits.

Rather than the formal evening dress seen at the Baftas and the fashion forward looks paraded at London Fashion Week and the Elle Style Awards, the Brits are a coincidental for the stars to let their hair down a bit, increase the hemlines, be a little risqué.

And they didn’t dishearten. Here’s our best and worst dressed from the Brits red carpet, PVC contained within.

Best Dresses for Fashion:

1. Pixie Lott

Pixie looks absolutely lovely in this fresh 90s style DKNY dress with metallic pumps. We’re not sure about the handbag – a metallic clutch would have worked better perhaps – so we’re pretending we can’t see it.

2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Of course, these long-legged supermodels have an unfair advantage, but Rosie certainly plays to her strengths in this Saint Laurent mini-dress.

3. The Minogues

Two for the price of one. The Minogues are a formidable, super glossy, team in their asymmetric cocktail dresses. We think Kylie just edges it with her William Wilde latex bow dress though – how does she even make latex look friendly?

4. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell just makes everything look good – even Mountie hats with adidas tracksuits – and should really be given an award for services to the mankle. He’s been promoting the cropped trouser look on the red carpet for months now and opted for a stylish metallic finish this time round.

5. Fearne Cotton

Speaking of metallics, we loved Fearne’s silver mini skater dress. Again, we’re not sure about the tiny handbag but we’re willing to overlook it.

Honourable mention: Kate Moss

Kate didn’t walk the red carpet but we had to give her a special mention for looking incredible in this iconic Ziggy Stardust playsuit worn by David Bowie back in 1972, which she donned to pick up his Best Male Solo Artist award. Only Mossy could have pulled this off.

Worst Dressed for Fashion:

1. Ellie Goulding

Vivienne Westwood has been a popular choice of late for the ladies on the red carpet and we love Ellie’s Westwood corset top here. We just don’t know what went wrong from the waist down. Far too much froth for our liking.

2. Jessie J

This nude sparkly jumpsuit is Jessie J 101. The girl loves a jumpsuit and, let’s face it, she definitely has the figure for it. But, we’ve seen it before and we didn’t like it that time either. Plus, what’s going on with the lilac lipstick?

3. Laura Mvula

Sorry Laura but no one’s ever going to convince us that a mullet dress is a good look. We do like the shoes though.

4. Keith Lemon

Yes, we know it’s a joke but it’s not that funny and no one other than Pharrell can make a Mountie hat look good.

5. Lily Allen, after show party

We liked Lily’s red carpet dress from William Vintage but we’re a little confused by what happened next with this high waisted skirt/bra combination from the after party. We know Prada put bras over dresses on the catwalk for SS14 but we never thought anyone would actually wear it in real life. It’s a brave look but not one we’re entirely convinced by. Maybe it will grow on us?

Courtesy: Metro