CHALLENGE 21 DAY:ten ways that to seek out your good lipstick


wfw lipLet’s face it, i actually lucked out with my challenge. No twenty one days of exercise or 1st dates (good luck therewith, options impotency Amy) on behalf of me. I simply had to face my concern of lipstick and worst of all… selfies. I wasn’t expecting associate degree other-worldly epiphany or associate degree X Factor-type ‘journey’ once embarking upon this challenge, simply an opportunity to undertake one thing new and update my look to a small degree.

I won’t dramatically fake I had a implanted concern of lipsticks. I simply ne’er wore them. I disquieted they’d smudge over my face, get on my teeth and create ingestion troublesome, thus simply set to try and do while not the fuss. i like make-up and have a mammoth assortment of eyeshadows and nail varnishes, however simply ne’er discomposed with lippie.

The shuddery half was cataloguing my expertise in photos. I try and keep social media at arm’s length and nod on with patience once my colleagues talk WhatsApp, ignitor and Snapchat. that the plan of taking selfies and posting them on Twitter and Instagram crammed American state with the maximum amount enthusiasm because the prospect of observance a TOWIE boxset. United Nations agency desires to visualize American state very first thing, blurry-eyed and ill-natured, however reliably sporting a inexperienced mouth?

So currently the challenge is over, here area unit many, avowedly unearth-shattering, things I even have learnt.

1/ I will escape with carrying all black if I accessorise with pink lipstick.

2/ If you wear associate degree outrageous color, it makes it harder to be taken seriously once hassling a author to satisfy their point.

3/ you’ll eat food whereas carrying lipstick. simply have a hand glass at the prepared.

4/ Straws area unit your friend.

5/ carrying lipstick a day will irritate your lips. Gently rubbing them with a moist towel and following up with some movie maker Papaw Ointment (£5.25, helps.

6/ A slick of one thing dramatic will carry associate degree otherwise-blah outfit.

7/ Applying lipstick whereas sitting on a bus happening a road with speed bumps is to be avoided.

8/ i’m an acquaintance of reds, plums and bright pinks.

9/ decision American state shallow, however i’m won over by superb packaging.

10/ There’s extremely no have to be compelled to concern lipsticks.

In all seriousness, this has been somewhat enlightening. I won’t become a social media addict (all that posting sucked my information allowance dry), however I shall create use of (most of) my twenty one new lipsticks. I’m not in my twenties any further. I can’t upset within the morning carrying to a small degree of makeup and hope to appear bright and chirpy and respectable. however a vibrant lipstick will offer to a small degree of a carry and in an exceedingly few seconds makes American state desire I’ve created a trial. Cripes, I’ve been converted!

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