Daniella Alonso

"Daniella Alonso"Daniella Alonso certainly looks like a woman you’d prefer to obtain close to, imagine double: she’s the bomb-making bolt from the blue from NBC’s Rebellion, on which Daniella Alonso plays a stunning volatiles specialist who’s also beautiful handy with a rapier. Before making your advance, dig up to know her a petite bit from a protected remoteness.

Where You’ve Seen Her?

As with lots of beautiful young actresses, you’ve expected seen her catch killed, if you’ve seen her at all. Daniella Alonso died (beautifully) in The Hills Have Eyes II and Wrong Turn 2: Dead End.

Where You Will See Her?

As a revolutionary explosives specialist on NBC’s post apocalyptic drama rebellion, place in a world where electricity has failed and the United States has fractured into militaristic factions. Daniella Alonso’s suggestions for ongoing the end of evolution? “Carry a book of matches with you at all times. And a flashlight. We have swords, so that’s kind of not possible for most people, but my advice is just to grab a book of matches; it’ll get you out of a lot of situations.”

Why You Believe She Knows What She’s Talking About?

It’s called manner acting. Daniella Alonso studied theatre at the Lee Strasberg School in her inhabitant New York City, the organization that beforehand fostered the talents of Meryl Streep, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, among others. The same method Daniel Day Lewis became Lincoln, Daniella Alonso can bluster stuff up. “I technically could build a bomb,” Daniella Alonso says. “I think I know how.”

What her family thinks about all this stuff?

“My family’s funny. They’re very supportive, but they don’t know who actors are and they don’t really care. They’re just like, ‘Oh, if you wanna do it, sure, go!'” They don’t want to come to set and sit there and look at a screen. It doesn’t impress them.”

"Daniella Alonso"On the differences between the East and West coasts

“I grew up in Manhattan, so I’m used to for all time running about and having a billion things to do. In LA everything’s slower paced, everybody takes their time and actually enjoys things: hiking, eating healthy. In New York there’s no time to go hiking, you just walk 30 blocks. Also in LA it’s typically the movie business or TV business, and that’s what everybody talks about because that’s everyone’s job in some way or another. In New York it’s so diverse, you can be sitting at a table with a doctor and a cab driver and a musician.”

Who’d survive an apocalypse better? A New Yorker or someone from LA?

“Oh please. The New Yorker for sure.”

A Lover Off screen, a Fighter On

Daniella Alonso has a fondness for being cast as no-bullshit, ass-kicking females (explosives expert, remember?). It’s a tendency that’s surely not disheartened by her fondness for karate and mixed martial arts. “It seems to find me – the tough military girl,” she says. “But in real life, i’m like, ‘Let’s go shopping, guys!’ ‘Let’s take our dogs to the park!’ But I can pull it off.” This, we’re told, is acting.

Speaking of Ass-Kicking

Daniella Alonso in recent times directed a TV pilot, which isn’t accurately an simple task. “I have so much respect for directors. You never sleep, basically.” The upside: “I like being the boss.” A boss that can kick ass apparently.


Source: sharpformen