Diana auction of rare pictures

Diana Photo


Who is that the mystery gent during this purportedly disgraceful photograph of a teenaged Diana Spencer, marked “not to be published”? he’s not, as some thought, Diana’s brother peer Spencer. Rather, the pensive young man has been known as Adam Russell, believed to be a ruminant farmer in southern European country.
The antecedently unseen picwhich is able to go up for auction within the U.S. later this month, shows a young Diana reclining on a cushion. Russell seems to be lying behind her whereas reading a magazine balanced on her shoulder. Russell, the great-grandson of former Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, was a student at Oxford at the time


Princess Diana a young age, I’ve never seen this film could not. It is found, then the image is black and white in the auction sold 18 thousand 306 dollars. The auctioneer has the last Friday of this information.

image of the 8th decade. I read a book by a young samabayasi buried in her lap dayanake have seen. Diana looked at the camera and riant. Diana Princess of Wales before the picture is taken. I have, it is not for publication.

I have dated February 6, 1981, the film backwards. Buckingham Palace with Prince Charles’s just two days after Diana engagement is announced.

Auction of New hyamasayarera piara ayamaharsta organized this auction. The company said that private kyarena image from the archive is stored. The Archive is a collection of nearly seven years ago. British newspaper the Daily Mirror -‘s photo library from which it was acquired. Choose the name of the purchaser in the auction did not.

Britain’s news media is one of the young with Diana and Adam Russell. The former UK Prime Minister Stanley byaldauinera grandnephew. The auction will begin on Thursday 17 January from the end.

In August 1997, in Paris at the age of 36 years, Diana killed in a car accident. A year before his divorce with Prince Charles’s details. AFP.