Did the Cannes Film Festival Deny Women Entry for Wearing Flats?

"Film Festival Deny Women"As indicated by an article on Screen Daily, a modest bunch of ladies were denied section to the world debut of the Cate Blanchett film Carol at the Cannes Film Festival on the grounds that they were wearing pads, despite the fact that huge numbers of them were more established and had medicinal conditions that made wearing high heels unimaginable.

At the time, the celebration declined to remark on the episode yet affirmed that high heels were required for all ladies at celebrity central screenings.

At that point, early toward the beginning of today, the leader of the celebration, Thierry Fremaux, took to Twitter to deny the bits of gossip, saying (in French): “Not in the slightest degree. What’s more, the talk that the Festival obliges high heels for ladies on the strides is unwarranted.”

Whether there is an official principle banishing ladies from wearing pads or not, the episode at the Carol debut does not have all the earmarks of being a confined one. Asif Kapadia, whose Amy Winehouse narrative, Amy, is screening at the celebration, said that his wife had a comparative keep running in with Cannes security, in spite of the fact that she was inevitably let in.At the same time, the standard does not have all the earmarks of being implemented with any genuine consistency, since different participants, as Inès de La Fressange, appear to have been permitted to walk celebrity central in pads without episode