Ella Eyre Likes Musical Men

"Ella Eyre"Ella Eyre has just dated “different craftsmen” in the course of the most recent couple of years.

The “Rebound” hitmaker – why should known have dated two VIPs, Rixton’s Lewi Morgan and ‘Adore Me Again’ artist John Newman – has been content with her sentiments yet has uncovered a certain level of “horrible intensity” has a tendency to develop.

At the point when inquired as to whether being in people in general eye issues her more regard seeing someone, she told Stylist magazine: “Intriguing. I’ve just dated different craftsmen for the last couple of years, so its difficult to say. I would say it acquires a horrible intensity the both of you. You both think you know not.”

The 21-year-old pop starlet additionally uncovered she has just been enamored more than once.

She said: “I know one without a doubt and there’s another that may have been yet we were young to the point that despite the fact that we were as one for a long time, I doubt whether I was enamored by any means.”

The adoration interest she knows “without a doubt” she truly fell for, could be John Newman.

Newman, who when inquired as to whether she was ‘The One’, he beforehand told Capital Radio FM: “Yes. She is right now. It has an inclination that it right now.”