Emoji Fashion Week Reviews

"Emoji Fashion Week Reviews"Many famous fashion critics reviews the fashion week but the Emoji Fashion Week Reviews by the fashion critics has some special criteria. This article actualy written regarding their reviews which is for the Emoji Fashion Week Reviews.

Emoji Fashion Week Reviews by Carolina Herrera, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, 3.1 Phillip Lim are given below –

Carolina Herrera

Mrs. Radziwill rarely ventures below 59th Street, but somehow her new Ray Ban sunglasses (a gift from Mr. Capote, bless him!) make her bolder and more confident to move among the artists of Greenwich Village and the be-boppers in Harlem. She’s even started to wear pants as evening wear—something her sister, Jackie, would never be hip enough to attempt. As she gets dressed for dinner at the 21 Club, she asks aloud in her empty penthouse, “Can anything be more chic than a trouser with silk evening gloves?” The ghosts of the Upper East Side do not respond, but she already knows the answer.

Tommy Hilfiger

Okay, so zooming from Baja to Aspen wasn’t exactly practical, but whatever. The surf is over, the snow is sublime, and why bother living through winter if you don’t get to ski for 10 hours straight? Mom’s gonna freak when she realizes we turned our plaid flannel sheets into outfits, but we got into Princeton and we’re pulling straight A’s. What more can she want from us?!

Donna Karan

These amateurs keep trying to take my job and my man, but they’ll never know what I know, and they’ll never see what I see. Because me, I come from New York City. And me? I’m never satisfied. Take a number, girls, and good luck.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Sloane Peterson dumps Ferris Bueller and moves to Tokyo, where she and Diane Court become BFFs and trade clothes. But when Sloan realizes how happy Diane and her boyfriend, Lloyd Dobbler, are, she moves back to Chicago, opens a trendy new boutique for all the Northwestern students, and brings Japanese sandals into style. Her first night back, when Ferris leaves her house, she says—again—“he’s gonna marry me.” And it’s true, he is.