Fashions Inspired By The World Cup

"Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Shakira in world cup theme song"
Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Shakira in world cup theme song

In the world cup football 2014 the womens fashion world got the new inspiration for fashion. This is the great innovation for the fashion world specially for the womens fashion world.

Every world cup gives the fashion world new innovative fashion idea like the football world cup 2014.

Every four years, a sporting event takes place that is so huge, so widely seen, that it makes the Super Bowl look like a Google Hangout — a good Google Hangout, but still. It’s called the World Cup and even if you can’t tell a soccer ball from a football (They’re different, right? I’m asking.), you can still appreciate all the super cute tie-in clothes and accessories that brands are pimping out for the occasion.