Five Golden Bollywood Actress

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Touching the sky from the wrong decade, with the popularity of the Play Button How many actors have baliudake rich. The top five of the actress acting  popularity Here are a couple of images.

Meena Kumari

Bollywood actress Meena Kumari of 193 tryadeji kuinakhyata of 1 August bombe. Daughter of the box to bring the film as his father. You ever wanted to study the enamel. Father Turns the knee at the end of the call. Mahajabina Banu monuments real name. In 1939, only seven years old Baby enamel namadharana the ‘pharajanada – at – oyatana’ acting in movies. Meena Kumari in 1949 called ‘killer hero’ through the stars starring in the movie. 30-year-old actor has acted in 90 movies. 195 in ‘beju baora’ touching the sky popularity of the film, the identity and Fair Award for Best Actress in a Film. I come against the film, not just for love, marriage broke yaoyasaha was extremely frustrated because the enamel sink. I always forget to drink the alcohol. 195 married filmmaker Kamal amarohike eventually married in the enamel. But their marriage was only last 7 years. Meena Kumari is managed by amarohi Best Movie ‘pakija’ was the last work of his life. The movie was released on March 31, the lever 197 is in 3 weeks sirosise Meena Kumari jibanabasana occurs.


Bollywood apsara – famous stars madhubalara of nayadililate 14 February 1933. 1949 ‘corridors’ through the movie in a country. Go to the first calaccitrei huge success.

The 20-year-old was released to his acting, starring in 65 movies. Jahan Begum Mamtaz dehalabhi madhubala real name. ‘Mughal – E – Azam’ Best madhubala life. This is the most beautiful Bollywood Actress physical illness because the carrier did come besidura. He was born hrdayantre holes. India’s medical condition was not serious because he had been acting on the go. It was more than ready for something to eat simple food and water would not have given him. The risk of infection was the cause of his heart failure. Despite the physical problems I experienced actress madhubala nijagune basiyechilena seat. His acting is so much charm in parata jyotite visitors, it would tarnish his front sahaabhinetadera. Asoka Kumar, rajakapura, Rehman, Pradeep Kumar, sammi Kapoor, Sunil Dutt, Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar for his work with such features aksunna megastaradera kept. 3 February 1969 at the age of 36 years died in madhubala.


Famous Bollywood actress nargis real name Fatima Rashid. June 19 at 9 1 was born in Calcutta. In 1935, only six years old as a child actor in his debut on the big screen. The title of the movie ‘talama – at all. However, as the stars in his first film ‘Tamanna’. The movie is built in 194. Nargisera actress was acting in the best managed mehabuba ‘Mother India’ movie. The film was released in 1957 found that Radha was the first wife and the mother was descended jibanayuddhe. Efficient played the role of Radha in the film fair award. The child played the role of her husband in real life, the artist cerulean dattake nargisa. He is the first Bollywood actress padake awarded the Padma Shri in 1958 as a Government of India. 1968 National Film Award for ‘The aura of’ movie. He was awarded the Fair Award for the film several times. Nargisa was elected a member of the council of states for 1980-81. The cancer was only 51 years old when he died on 3 May 1981. The actress was 001 nargisake ‘Best Artist of the miliniyama’ awarded the honor of Hero honda and Star Dust Magazine.


Immaculate beautiful Bollywood stars Hema Malini’s Dream Girl of Tamil narute October 16, 1948. Hema Malini and her full name Chakraborty. She is both an actress, producer, director, dance expert and politician. In 1968, the Ka merchant ‘movie coming via a Hema Malini. In 1977, he acted ‘Dream Girl’ after the release of the movie really became Bollywood’s Dream garle. 40-year-old actor has acted in over 150 movies this actress. Obtain 95 percent of the business’s success. The most successful stars in Bollywood history is. Pariskare Fair Award nominated and multiple award 11 times in the film. The 000 Film Fair Award in honor of his life. In the same year the government awarded him the Padma Shri padake. The 01 singhaniya University of doctoral studies in honor of Sir padmapata. This earned him the honor outstanding film CONTRIBUTION. National Film Development Corporation was appointed ceyaraparsanao. In 006, he became India’s highest honor, the mother of our bhitista Award, the 003 – and 009 hemamalini term member of the Rajya Sabha. Her husband, actor Dharmendra.


Bollywood actress cirasabuja sexual abedanamayi Rekha From the start of his career samanatale popular. Rekhaof 10 October 1954, in Madras. Bhanurekha Ganesha her real name. Started life as a child actor in the film Rekhain 1966. Movie Title: rangola ratnama. ‘ However, as the stars of his journey in 1970. ‘Others bhadom, he started his journey through the film. The 40-year-old has played in 180 Rekhasin the film. Fair Award winning film he is 3 times. In 1981, umaraha know, through the National Prize in the film. Double lines are bound to marry bandhane personal life. Married to actor Vinod meherake the first time in 1973. But only 9 months tikechila the world. He married again in 1990, the renowned industrialist Mukesh dililara agaraoyalake. But to be happy at all because he was. Mukesh atdahatya of the year. Is thought to be associated with marital kalahera Mukesh at atdahatya. The Bollywood actor Amitabh efficient megastara romanse with the actress who was still in line. The cheek of it yet – the gappo.