Five Miley Cyrus tips to keeping your polish pristine

"Miley Cyrus"
Miley Cyrus

If you’re simply trying to avoid a botched manicure flame out, Jachno has five Cyrus-approved tips to keeping your polish pristine:

1. Don’t soak your nails at the salon:

“The wet manicure is a myth,” she says. “Soaking your nails causes them to expand. The polish will end up chipping when your nail dehydrates itself.”

2. Make sure your nails are squeaky clean:

“Sometimes when you’re at the nail salon, they’re in a hurry to do the next client. They might not make sure all of the oils are off the nail after they use lotion or cuticle remover. It’s really important to make sure you spray your nails with prep spray to clean off all of the leftover debris.”


3. Know your brands:

“I love Essie. It’s a good, professional brand nail polish for a reasonable price. I also love Chanel for their color trends. And I’m also a fan of Tom Ford. I really love his nail lacquer.”

4. Buff those suckers:

“They look like glass,” she has said of perfectly shined nails. But even if polish is your end game, leveling out the nail beforehand is a must: “It keeps your polish on longer,” Jachno says. “Buffing removes the residue that lives on the nail. The ridges cause little air pockets in the polish so it doesn’t get a good seal on the nail.”

5. Don’t go for the most popular color—even if it’s Wicked:

Because the bottles are constantly opened and re-opened at the salon, the polish “can become really thick,” she explains. “When it gets to be like a ¼ inch left, I throw it away. Adding nail polish thinner will help. But never use nail polish remover to thin your polish. That actually thickens the polish in the long run.”


Courtesy: Justine Harman