Golden Globes -best singer Adele



The executive producer of the show says the 24-year-old Grammy-winning pop star is about to form her initial post-baby look at Sunday’s ceremony, wherever she is nominative for original song for the Bond theme Skyfall.

Adele welcome her initial kid, with young man Simon Konecki, in October. The singer has unbroken an occasional profile since saying her physiological state in Gregorian calendar month when sweeping the Grammy Awards last Feb with six wins.

Her single Skyfall can contend at the Golden Globes with Taylor Swift’s song from The Hunger Games, Jon Bon Jovi’srange from rise up Guys, Keith Urban’s track from Act of valorousness, and Suddenly from Les Misérables.

Adele was the flood of joy baiche. The mother was only 2012 at the end of the month was won by tineka room and won a Golden Globes Award for Best Female Singer.

James Bond series last picture Skyfall -‘s voices in music introduced by 70th Golden Globe Award winning singer of the British singer. Golden Globe Awards Best Female Singer sacrificed his only son, the bholenani Adele The 2011 – and 2012 over the two years ‘toyentioyana’ album welfare at the top of the list of albums sold Adele. The album has sold only yuktarastrei in the 2011   5.58million people, and 2012 of 44 lakh 10 thousand. The album reached with Taylor suiphatakeo Adele. The most sold album in the list after Adele ‘Red’ album was the most suiphata, his album has sold 31 million 10 thousand.

In addition to the grave-the best singer award for the film The Golden Skyfall  Adele of the 2012 received six Grammy.

‘Toyentioyana-known artist of the year at the end of the world dikata matiyechena James Bond series’ Skyfall image with the introduction of music.

For the 4-year-old child, but her husband simana Adele the first second of the parents. The eight-year-old with a wife and daughter have klyari phisarera.