Half Getting Completeness


She is very much angry with dance from a few days. Now-a-days it’s kind of repugnancy for her. She knows she is going to act in some very romantic scene as it is a romantic movie before starting ‘Safe Haven’. No, she had no objection about that. But she just wanted to know that there is no dance in this movie. Hough acted in ‘Rock and Ages’. As it is a musical movie, is has enough dance and song scenes. So, Hough was finding a movie where she does not need to dance or sing. She just can let people watch her acting. And she reached in her wished Haven by her newly released movie ‘Safe Haven’.

But why she had so much offense in dancing? Those who know this 24 years old actress, who is recently stepping her strong legs in Hollywood’s glittering world, must ask this question. Dance is everything for her. She came here with dancing. She started acting in cinema in 2001. That was ‘Harry Potter and the Philosfers Stone’. But who remembered her? Her character was simple school student in Hogwarts. You can say, she was an extra!

Dance brought that Hough in the light of fame. She owned the famous reality show of US named ‘Dancing with the stars’ two times. Her opponent of this show was her brother Dereck. Dereck is also a famous dancer now. Not only this two brother & sister, dance is in the blood of her all family member. Grandfathers, grandmothers- all are dancer in occupation. Her parents love started in a ballroom of dance.

Julianne Hough

But why she is so much angry with dancing? Reason is, she wants to start her dancing career differently. But she is so much famous in dancing that she can’t exit from the shade of dancing. ‘Rock and Ages’ was musical as you know earlier. Also in other films she is being offered are dance related. Even this awesome singer’s first single album that released in 2007 was ‘Will you dance with me?’ Dance is also here.

Recently she said in an interview that, ‘The reason I worked in ‘Safe Haven’ is there was no dancing or singing. It is just an dramatic story. This film is going to be successful or not, one this is confirms that, this film will help me to grow up as an actress.’ ‘Safe Haven’ is must going to be successful because there is no reason to fail where the writer is Nicolas Sperks.

Hough’s life is also romantic as ‘Safe Haven’. She is dating with famous reporter Rayan Secrest and now they are thinking about marriage. No more half, completeness is coming in the life of Hough.