How I Hitchhiked Across the Country — on Private Planes

"Amber Nolan"Golden Nolan, 28, worked a work area work until she understood she could travel crosscountry free of charge.

The previous summer I chose to travel to Nashville, Tennessee. At the same time, as opposed to going to Expedia and booking a ticket, I arrived free of charge — by talking my direction onto a private plane.

The trek was months really taking shape. I was working at a travel-advertising firm — a strong work area work, beyond any doubt, yet one that just filled my hunger for new experiences. I heard that in the ’70s, a couple free spirits had caught a ride around the nation on planes. I contacted pilots and asked them: Could I pull it off at this point?

It was insane, they said — however possible. One place me in contact with companions who were arranging a flight to Nashville. The following week, I moved on board my first free ride. From that point forward, I’ve been to each state however Hawaii.

Freeloading a flight (“plane trekking”) can be as basic as remaining as an afterthought of the runway with a sign and my thumb held high. Minor airplane terminals are key — think grass strips or soil fields, not JFK. In a few urban areas, I’ve waltzed into the airplane terminal holding up room, hit up a discussion with a pilot, and been on a plane inside of minutes.