How Kim Kardashians Perform in Reality Show

"Kim Kardashian"Each and every people just seems as like the Kim Kardashians have been on the screens in the people lives forever, but in the case of actual things the reality started by the Kim Kardashians. And Kim Kardashian entered in the reality show production since 2007 Kim Kardashians fullfil seven years with lots of memories about the reality performs.

I am just explaining some moment of Kim Kardashians about reality show below. Some interviews are presented there, please check out.

And in a new interview with Haute Living magazine — which, no joke, runs with the headline “Ryan Seacrest Strives for Greatness Every Day” — the show’s executive producer (yes, it’s that Ryan Seacrest) explains just how it all began, and what exactly the family did to warrant their own show. Funnily enough it’s not the shocked face lil’ Kendall Jenner is making in the KUWTK season one DVD boxset cover (pictured above), even though such theatrics are televisual perfection. But still, take note if you’d like to throw your fam into the lion’s den that is reality TV in future!

Seacrest says he was inspired by reality shows like MTV’s The Osbournes, and wanted to replicate their success. After asking casting directions to find families interested in taking part, the Kardashians came up as an option. He sent a cameraman to film them all having a barbecue one Sunday afternoon, and that, it turns out, was all it took:

“I remember perfectly: he called me from their house Sunday afternoon and said, ‘It’s absolutely golden; you’re going to die when you see this tape. They’re so funny, they’re so fun, there is so much love in this family and they’re so chaotic—they throw each other in the pool!”‘

Obviously Seacrest did not actually die upon watching the footage — even though once you’ve watched an episode of KUWTK you feel strangely compelled to share it with friends, it’s not quite a case of The Ring IRL. But, like much good jewelry, it was apparently “golden.”

The trailer for Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ tenth season was released earlier this month, and oddly enough it also includes a scene in which Khloé pushes Kendall into the family’s pool (or at least onto an inflatable swan which was just floating there, minding its own business and hoping the cameras caught its good side, you know, the one without the nozzle). That kind of brilliance never gets old, apparently.