How to begin a Tumblr Fashion blog


Tumblr has become one in every of the style world’s favorite players, hosting major brands like DKNY, state, Urban Outfitters and unnumbered others. The dedicated Tumblr community resolute re-blogging and sharing has created for a fashion blogger’s dream platform, however contrary to all or any the media attention, few bloggers see long success. thus what’s the key to making your own very little slice of web fashion heaven? Here’s our guide to beginning your own Tumblr fashion diary.

Starting a Fashion blog

Pick and Stick- Before spilling your rambling thoughts and inspirations onto the net, decide a distinct segment and stick with it. You’ll need your diary complete to form sense to guests, and a diary that reads “scatterbrained” is tough to follow (literally and figuratively). the most effective bloggers have a definite subject material, niche or voice in mind.

Images- Tumblr thrives as a photograph community, thus a media-filled blog may be a should. You don’t ought to be a private vogue blogger to fill your house with icon content. Inspiration pics, Instagram uploads and additional will offer the sought-after covert glimpses diary readers search for. Fashion changes by the minute so ought to the blogs supported it. whereas you’ll not invariably have time for long-form editorial content, a fast icon post may be a snap.

Interact- Tumblr is a tremendous social media network, and will be used like one! the most effective thanks to grow your diary and its following is to move with others. notice others in your niche, follow, like and comment. the sole means for individuals to search out you in such a diluted blogosphere is to let your fantastically trendy presence be legendary.

Give Credit- one in every of the advantages of Tumblr is that the wonderful information and talent to re-blog favorite photos from different users. As a replacement breed of digital journalist, it’s necessary to stay to antique rules like citing sources. Crediting pictures and linking back to original material ar fantastic ways in which to create your name and pay court to those that inspire you.

Monetize- Building partnerships with brands isn’t only for big-time bloggers. Even the foremost starting Tumblr users will legitimatize through Google AdSense and ShopStyle programs that recommend product to diary guests relative to announce content. Reaching resolute native boutiques and e-commerce sites may facilitate to grow believability and following.

Being original is that the best recommendation we are able to provide our budding Tumblr fashionistas; nobody created a reputation for herself by imitating others. Use business leaders as inspiration if you’d like, however keep faithful your own voice and aesthetic to essentially be detected (or rather, seen) on the blogosphere