How to create perfect straight hair

straight hairDon’t you wonder how celebrities look so beautiful all the time? How they always look well-arranged and so perfect in their hair. What’s the secret?

Well, the secret is their style specialist, different tools and products. You can make this look at home and believe me, it will take only 10-20 minutes to straighten your hair and look gorgeous. Here is the secret.

Straighten your hair to create the perfect look for your hair, make it look healthy and try different beautiful colors. Follow these steps:

1. Be sure to spray heat protective spray over the entire length of your hair. This will ensure very little damage is done on your hair.

2. Fully dry your hair, make sure to blow downwards. This will keep the cuticles lying flat, thus leaving your hair shinier, because more light can reflect from your hair.

3. Comb you hair with a comfortable comb but try to use a wide toothed comb.

4. Separate your hair into different section depending on the thickness of your hair. Begin with the hair nearest to your neck and follow to the top. More sections you have the straighter your hair will be in the end.

5. Now turn on your hair straighteners, starting at the top pull the straighteners down towards the floor. Do this fairly slowly. The slower you go the straighter it will be and the longer it will stay in. But also the slower you go the more damage you cause to you hair. Continue until all the hair is completed.

6. If you are happy with your look, spray some shine spray all over hair.

Note: Please remember that straighteners can also create curls and waves, and so be creative.