Illinois Bans Microbeads in Face Wash

"Illinois Bans Microbeads in Face Wash"Illinois is the first state to ban the manufacturing and distribution of soaps and cosmetics with microbeads — the synthetic plastic beads touted as an exfoliant (via NBC Chicago). Lately, environmental experts have taken issue with the beads’ non-biodegradable status, saying they’re polluting the waterways and may have a disruptive effect on the food chain.

Gov. Pat Quinn, who signed the law Sunday, said, “Banning microbeads will help ensure clean waters across Illinois and set an example for our nation to follow. Lake Michigan and the many rivers and lakes across our state are among our most important natural resources. We must do everything necessary to safeguard them.”

Among the states currently considering taking a cue from Illinois are New York and California.


Courtesy: Anna Breslaw

Via: Cosmopolitan