Incline Republican Women’s fashion show a giant victory

"Womens fashion show"

Today women’s fashion is the most popular term in the world. And a number of society arranged women’s fashion show to publish their culture. Day by day women’s fashion strategy is accustomed to the people.

The Incline Village/Crystal bark Republican Women’s Club held a women’s fashion show on Tuesday, May 14, at The Chateau. The models corresponded too lots of of the First Ladies of the White House, and more than a few of the men represented the Presidents.

President of the club, Joanellen Slocumb, have a discussion about chronological procedures throughout the expression of every of the First Ladies represented and a number of the causes they supported. Vice President Celine Nugent described the clothing as they modeled, a number of which was bona fide of their era. The models stayed in character.

Monica Jay, the First Lady of Radio KKOH, was the keynote presenter for the event. “It was a very enjoyable fashion show luncheon and may be an annual event of the club,” said club member Denise Ause.