Jodi Arias Murder Conviction: Lifetime Movie Cast Was Glued to Judgment, Actor Playing Travis Alexander “Felt Validated”

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Nancy Grace wasn’t the merely one lynching on each utterance when Jodi Arias was found blameworthy of first-degree murder this week.

“Everyone watched it, we had a TV on the set and we stopped filming,” Arturio Interian, VP of Original Movies for Lifetime Entertainment Services, which has been rising The Jodi Arias Story since March 2012, completely tells E! News.

“It was a very quiet moment. It’s a very real and painful story, and we can’t forget that a young man was needlessly killed and Jodi Arias threw her life away too. Tania Raymonde, the actress who is playing Jodi Arias, was stunned.”

The 25-year-old controlled at Birth star also spectator, right then and there, her responsibility going from “murder suspect Jodi Arias” to “convicted murderer Jodi Arias.”

“It was strange on the set when the judgment came down,” Interian continued. “I have done a lot of true-crime work, but this is the primary time I have been filming when this has happened.”

Lifetime’s true-crime credits, to name just a pair, comprise Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy and Drew Peterson: invulnerable.

Jesse Lee Soffer, the actor who is playing [victim Travis Alexander], felt validated in a strange method,” Interian sustained. “Everyone has really embraced their responsibility. He consideration it was murder-one right from the get-go.”

And, even although Lifetime’s true-crime movies are famed for cramming as a great deal melodrama and disgrace into the over product as probable, Interian said that there are convinced places they were not eager to go.

“There are some belongings we are not screening in the film,” he said. “Jodi Arias made some very dark allegations against Travis which were not necessarily based on truth. So, we are just going to show her making those statements in the trial, but we do not have scenes to support them.”

Source: eonline