Katy Perry’s Gigantic Mechanical Lion Won the Super Bowl

"Katy Perry"Katy Perry popular celebrities in the world of womens fashion. She just made some clear opinion with mechanical lion for the womens fashion world.

Katy Perry recently just made her Super Bowl halftime show the only way Katy Perry could: By riding a mechanical lion and singing “Roar” in a flame-covered dress. Sadly the lion – jaguar? panther? regular house cat? – did not get to stick around for the entire show, but that’s fine, because Katy also had dancing sharks and beach balls.

Katy Perry also had Missy Elliott, who as promised made a “surprise” presence for a random medley of songs including “Lose Control,” “Get Ur Freak On,” and “Work It,” complete with a microphone covered in her own bedazzled initials. Does this mean Missy is planning a comeback for 2015? Pray to whichever god you see fit and ask for that to happen, please.

And then Katy exited her halftime show via rocket-powered star machine, as you do. If only the Super Bowl was just four hours of this instead of actual football.

"Katy Perry"