Know Women’s Health(part 5)

Diseases additional common in ladiesknow women health

Many diseases have an effect on each ladies and men alike however some diseases occur in ladies at a better frequency. as an example, gallstones area unit 3 to fourfold additional common in ladies than in men. concerning eighteen of girls compared to six of men within the U.S. suffer cephalalgia headaches, a magnitude relation of 3 females to at least one male. alternative conditions that plague ladies additional typically than men embrace irritable gut syndrome and tract infections.

Urinary tract infections, together with urinary tract infection (bladder infection) and urinary organ infection (pyelonephritis) area unit vital health issues that particularly have an effect on ladies. nephropathy may be a leading reason for high force per unit area (hypertension). And, once age fifty, high blood pressure is additional common in ladies than in men.

Also additional common in ladies than men area unit the reaction disorders (for example, degenerative disorder, Sjögren’s syndrome, and lupus). In these diseases, the system attacks the body’s own tissue. reaction disorders afflict a minimum of twelve million Americans and 3/4 of them area unit ladies. One disease, arthritis, affects close to one.3 million Americans, with 2/3 of the sufferers being ladies.

Osteoporosis, a condition during which bone density decreases, happens in each men and ladies. Overall, however, it’s additional of a serious health concern for girls. Some studies have rumored that as several joined of each 2 ladies over fifty can suffer a fracture associated with pathology in her period. By age 65, some ladies have lost half their skeletal mass. A gynaecologist will assess her bone density and create recommendations on the way to stop any bone loss.