Kris Jenner: “Costco Is a Passion”

"Kris Jenner"Kris Jenner: “Costco Is a Passion”

Everything about the new Kris Jenner profile in the current week’s New York Times magazine is eminent, from the portrayal of her establishment (which is “the shading of a Malibu nightfall”) to the merrily reported actuality that she leaves nondisclosure concessions to a table in her home’s hall for visitors in lieu of an appreciated mixed drink or, more probable, notwithstanding. There’s additionally a scene where she misremembers the name of an individual from Lance Bass’ company [Editor’s Note: LOL] and calls him Tom when its really Bob — and when adjusted, Kris “grinned and clarified that they truly were the same name.” Are you going to contend with her?!

However, the most flawlessly awesome piece of the piece is when Kris examines her affection for all things Costco. Since Kris cherishes herself a Costco trip — they’re “consecrated” to her— and even offers the NYT author the chance to run with her. This, without a doubt, is the stuff (my) fantasies are made of, and I don’t even mean the free specimens in thi