Kristen Bell’s 2-Year-Old Has Great Taste in TV

"Kristen Bell"Cool folks typically have cool children, so it ought to shock no one that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s 2-year-old little girl Lincoln has fantastic taste in popular society. In another meeting with People, Kristen and Dax said they’ve passed their adoration for Game of Thrones on to Lincoln, who may not be mature enough to watch the show but rather is certainly mature enough to spruce up like Jon Snow. “We’ve prepared her to say, ‘Winter is advancing,'” Dax said. “What’s more, ‘You don’t know anything, Jon Snow.’ These are catchphrases of hers. You know, standard stuff like that. We dress her up in Jon Snow’s outfit — I ought to say Kristen dresses her up in Jon Snow’s outfit.”

“I got her a really cool chainmail suit with a major sword and a hood and a decent kind of felted, fake-hide [Night’s Watch] cape,” Kristen included, while Dax noticed that they then represented her on a palace formed wilderness rec center. “She didn’t comprehend a lick of it, however it truly made me upbeat.” All she needs now is her own particular feline named Ser Pounce.

Concerning Lincoln’s enthusiasm for a certain motion picture her mom is known for, well, she’s still not into it. In March of a year ago, Kristen said Lincoln “couldn’t give a second thought less” about what her mother accomplishes professionally, and that is obviously still genuine. At the point when inquired as to whether Lincoln and her sister Delta have seen Frozen, Kristen answered, “They don’t stare at the TV — they don’t know anything about it.” That’s likely generally advantageous, on the grounds that on the off chance that they ever do see it, they’ll wind up requesting that their mom do the snowman melody 800 times each day. Good fortunes with that, Kris