“KUWTK” Recap: Is It Fair to Judge Kylie Jenner for Getting Work Done on Her Lips?

"Kylie Jenner"The previous evening on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie at long last confessed about her lips, Scott and Kourtney attempted to start a new business as partners (once more), Kim got bare in the desert, and Mason simply appeared to be exhausted — like we all most likely were sooner or later amid that scene. These previous couple of scenes have totally felt like filler, as we’ve sat tight for the Kardashian/Jenners to at long last share their thoughts on Bruce’s move. We won’t need to hold up any longer (they’ll be telling all in a two-section scene beginning next Sunday), yet for the time being, how about we separate the previous evening’s scene.

Kylie’s Lips: It’s generally been difficult to expound on Kylie’s part on KUWTK and in the bigger Kardashian/Jenner machine, on the grounds that she’s only a child. Experiencing childhood with unscripted television and under the eye of tabloids and other media, she hasn’t had the space and protection to grow up that she’s merited. As its hard to know how to respond to her confirmation that, yes, she had lip fillers done.

I am for ladies doing sheltered, lawful things to adjust their appearances, however that is the thing — Kylie’s not yet a lady. (Purposeful Britney Spears yell out.) She’s 17, and as self-assertive as drawing the line of adulthood at 18 is, that is the way that it is. I recollect feeling amazingly develop and astute at 17, however its in this way, so youthful. It is particularly youthful to have disguised the message that there are a few things about your appearance that need to be changed through therapeutic system — and to have that message strengthened by a guardian, who probably needed to give consent for Kylie to have the m