Kylie Jenner Clarifies Those “High as F*ck” Comments

"Kylie Jenner"

Your nonexistent closest companion perpetually Mila Kunis sat down for a Reddit AMA and got genuine about the hardest part she’s ever tackled: parenthood.

Because of the inquiry regarding how parenthood has transformed her most, she composed:


I am pleased to be a housewife. I have no yearning to be before the cam. I discover her to be the most difficult occupation I’ve had. The measure of affection that you have, the sort of adoration that you have, changes, the way you take a gander at the world changes… everything has changed, in light of her. I need an eco-accommodating auto, I need to manure everything, in light of the fact that I need the world to be better for her. What’s more, you have the chance to make a truly extraordinary tyke for the world. On the other hand a truly incredible person.


She additionally discussed how Natalie Portman is an exquisite kisser (and the main individual that both she and Ashton have both kissed!), her adoration for The Bachelor, and how Channing Tatum is the dreamiest of all the fantasy pontoons. Duh.