Longoria & her cat


Goddess to river, how come women do not immediately have been compared. But the cat! Do not get angry listening this theory. She loves cat very much who appeared in this theory. She didn’t speak this to insult women’s as she herself also a women. Rather explanation of this model is formidable, “I always found that either matches. Name cat is feminine. Moreover, independent and vivacious. Woman’s are this type.” Her love for cats is from childhood. At the time, cat was her nearest friend. Her mother kept hidden the news of that cats death from her. 27 year-old Longoria said, “I had a good relationship with a cat named Sindi. Sindi was a member of our family. May be Sindi lived 20 or 25 years. Because, he was in every pictures of our childhood. My mother did not say that he died. She said- he ran away.”