Makeup Tips

Makeup TipsSmartness and looking beautiful is very much important for women’s fashion. Make up is one of essential requirement to look beautiful when you are in working place or in a party. Your look talks about your fashion style. So, let’s take some note about best makeup practice.

1. Proper Skincare:

Practice proper skincare for your beauty. If you don’t know a lot about skincare, then begin with basic skincare, make a routine and maintain regularity that includes cleansing, freshening and moisturizing for every morning and evening. Drink a lot of waters and eat vegetables because it helps your skin to glow and it is really effective. And most importantly wash your face and hands every morning and before sleeping with fresh cool water.

2. Foundation:

When your skin begins to show the sign of aging or you have spots on your face, foundation becomes essential in makeup. But too much foundation and powders is not appropriate for anyone. So, use foundation that offers maximum coverage, minimum depth and overall meets your skin’s need. Foundation should be different for different skin color. Pale pink and rosy red is good for fair skin. If you’ve fair skin, try to avoid browns and taupe’s as it appears dull on pale skin. If you are not much fair, you can choose little bit touch of yellow and if you are not that much black, you should use strong yellow undertones, like honey or caramel. Dark makeup does not look good in black skin. It should be different colors and bright shades.

3. Eye Shadow:

Try to avoid ultra-trendy shades such as sunny yellow, tangy lime, bright violet etc. As foundation, rose and pale pink is good for fair skin. Peach and bronze, pale apricot and orange is cool for little dark faces. For the medium dark faces, bold shades like apricot, coal and gold is appropriate. And lastly, glossy textures, rich metallic and bright shades are appropriate for dark faces.

4. Mascara & Eyeliner:

You must have mascara and eyeliner. Choose waterproof mascara as it is dry. Eyeliner could be a fantastic way to define your eye and it adds an interesting touch of elegance. Apply softly blended line to the top eyelid and outer third of the lower lid. If you are old women, you can use wet eyeliner using eye shadow or cake eyeliner. Then blend it with a flat brush.

5. Lipstick and lip liner:

Use different color of lipstick matching with your makeup and try to avoid moisture rich and highly frosted lipsticks. You can use lip liner as it helps to shape you lips, keeps your lipstick last longer and reduces the chances of bleeding lipstick.

Lastly, do not forget to match your foundation with your skin tone. Decorate your eye as it can change the look of your face. Use a gentle flush in your cheeks. As we all know ‘Excessive is very bad’, use everything perfectly and be sure everything is matched with everything.