Manisha Koirala writing her autobiography



Write the autobiography of affected ovary cancer Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala Nepali descent. The details of the battle against cancer atmajibanite touch.

After reading tests were developed for the treatment of cancer health dimbasaye where you are in New York and the 42-year-old actress. The surgery is completed on December 10 on his body. Leaving the hospital 11 days after surgery to allow his match. Current chemotherapy earlier this month was the first. One of the news out recently in India.

For the treatment of cancer, as well as a spiritual teacher consultation taking yuddhajayera nous. In this context, your Facebook page, he writes, ‘God’s own future about the way I am. I’ve realized, if someone surrenders himself in spiritual peace. I was not a concept of idealism. But now I know nothing about the process. For this reason, I want to thank sahebake Answers. He was a great teacher. Like he was headed, soft-hearted and humble people I was lucky that I had the opportunity to come until they desert him. ‘

Nous further writes, ‘with cancer at the nuts and bolts of things I’d like to atmajibanite up. I think, for now, I’m not quite ready to write autobiography.