Marge Simpson becomes a fashion makeover

"Marge Simpson"
Marge Simpson

Cartoon heads of state Marge Simpson has been specified a fashionable new look thanks to Italian performer AleXsandro Palombo.

Best known for making unbecoming representations of well-known style figures, Palombo has brought into being an not likely muse in Marge Simpson.

The gifted illustrator has specified the first lady of Springfield a far-reaching restoration encouraged by iconic images from approach history.

Palombo said he sought after to imprisonment how fashion has transformed women’s role in society.

“I made a strict and careful selection of what, in my opinion, has really influenced the style of the last 100 years. Each of these dresses really changed the course of the history of costume, giving a new aesthetic vision that has anticipated major changes in our society.”

From the black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to Kate Moss’s challenging rabbit suit for Playboy’s 60th birthday, Palombo’s work shows that Marge can look decent in whatever thing.

Kelly Osbourne
“Kelly Osbourne”

Fashion Police off-duty! Kelly Osbourne plagiarizes fashioning tips from Marge Simpson for her Christmas shopping outing in LA

She’s well known for imminent from a hell levitation family, but now Kelly Osbourne has twisted into a hair-raiser of her individual!

The Fashion Police co-host was seen leave-taking a big photographic selling store in LA, resonant what could be Christmas gifts on Tuesday, with her symbol violet hair heaped high on her hair.

That could clarify her new highest ‘do’ which could fairly perhaps have been enthused by The Simpsons’ materfamilias Marge Simpson.

Possibly another style stimulus from Hollywood’s fashionable past for the look could be that of fabled 50s and 60s American TV star Lucille Ball, though Lucy was well-known for her redheaded tresses.

Off-duty or on, Kelly can’t appear to get sufficient of big hair of late.

One week ago she astounded up to the presentation of Beyonce’s new album sported a mile-high hairstyle.

She paid reverence to the lioness of shiny locks by working a huge backcombed for Mrs Carter’s show and the BOOHOO.COM later party in LA on.
Temporarily, Kelly has self-confessed that she is receiving ruined by her fiancé Matthew Mosshart who luxuries her like a queen. She wrote on Twitter that she lately came home later a long day to discovery that Matthew had made dinner for her and sprinkled the house.

She tweeted: ‘I came home from a 12 hour day to find a home cooked meal, clean house and fresh sheets on my bed’

The couple are allegedly planning an old-style white wedding at Kelly’s parents’ house in Buckinghamshire.

Kelly Osbourne is observing a tad Marge Simpson-esque here, but we occur to darling a bit of cartoon chic. And she may be on an off-duty day in her unpremeditated get up but no Fashion Police officer value their grace salt goes wherever without a corresponding Chanel handbag and earrings, natch!