Miley Cyrus Covering Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide Will Make You Sob

"Miley Cyrus"
Miley Cyrus

You guys, Miley Cyrus sung Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide at a recent concert in Oakland and it’s very beautiful and now I’m crying. Why is this song made of light and love and also darkness and depth and the full range of human emotions? Can someone please riddle me that?

Now, please excuse me while I go hug my dog and sob in a corner as I watch this on repeat. The landslide is about to bring me down, y’all.

Public Opinion about Miley Cyrus:

Jilleann S Mack.. said…
She could at least learn the lyrics..

Carol Bauer, Conductor at FOE Lake Erie Aerie 2875 Ladies Auxilary.. said ..
I think she did okay with the song…and at least she was wearing a shirt…I just dont’ why she had her cellphone out the whole song?!?! I am a fan of her dad and liked her before she went the route of sex sells to change her image. She got attention but lost a lot of respect but I know she doesn’t care. I think she sings country better than pop…but that is just me…

Rebecca Headtke · Carpentersville, Illinois… said …..
She asked for everyone to yell a song to sing and that was yelled out so she said okay and went with it. Wasn’t in her play list, it was let’s do this song kinda thing and the cell had the lyrics on it..

Nikki Wiethop, Evansville, Indiana…. said…
she sings it beautifully, but if it’s “one of her favorite songs” she should know the words. SMH.


Courtesy: Laura Beck

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