Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray another name is OC gas which is mainly prepared from  Oleoresin Capsicum. Pepper spray main function is create pain in eyes for a short duration.  It is not only create pain and tears  but also make blindness on one’s eyes for a short duration. Pepper spray mainly help to people self –defense. Especially women benefited from here. Woman can safe them from any rap. Sometimes people use it save them from dog attack. Come and see here  Defender is my favorite Pepper spray do not have any bad effect which is more or lengthy. It works a short duration. Some country has legality for using it and some country do not have any legality to do use it.  Pepper spray action duration is not fixed some pepper spray continue it about 30 minute and some pepper spray continue it about 40 to 45 minute.  Forty to forty-five minute duration is common all pepper spray.  In Asia India is legal but nearest countries Bangladesh do not have legality where police it can be used only.