Rabhina tendanera return in Bollywood

Raveena Tandon02

He can be seen on the big screen Bollywood actress rabhina tendanake. ‘Sobhana naitasa Seven’ at the most popular movie stars in the late ninety’s going back. The most optimistic film at the National Film Awards, the 38-year-old actress.

In this context, rabhinara commentary, ‘The film has been shown in several international film festivals. The award was received as well as complimenting kuriyeche. Now the Film Festival’s limited, but there was a theatrical release sobhana naitasa Seven. ‘News out of the Hindustan Times.

Ninety decades and the current time in Bollywood can compare rabhina said, ‘Now is the increased professionalism in Bollywood. All the work is being very quickly. But after viewing the pictures to the viewers. When considered from this region, the current time was better than ninety dasakai. Visitors can get a better picture when it was released a long time to remember. ‘

Rabhina said, ‘The Art of Bollywood film – kusalira fees are much higher than ever. We will work with the income I had ten, and a chabitei the remuneration they receive. ‘