Reason Supermodel Patricia Velasquez Was Inspired to Come Out

Following 25 years in the spotlight, Venezuelan model and performing artist Patricia Velasquez, who’s known as the first Latina supermodel, turned out as gay in April. Presently, in another meeting with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, she discloses who motivated her to turn out openly.

"Patricia Velasquez"In the wake of clarifying that she turned out in 2000 to her mom secretly, Velasquez said that turning into a mother herself enlivened her to turn out freely. “It took being a mother to say that I need to show others how its done,” she told Ramos. “Furthermore, living by case implied advising the world and attempting to have any kind of effect for the individuals who are not entirely certain on the off chance that they’re experiencing reality or not. So in the event that I’ve roused even one individual, then that will mean I’ve done the employment.”

Velasquez was the first Latina to show up on the front of CoverGirl magazine, and she’s likewise showed up in motion pictures like The Mummy and additionally shows like CSI: Miami. She as of late distributed a book, Straight Walk: A Supermodel’s Journey to Finding Her Truth, in which she points of interest everything from her involvement with medication misuse to being runner-up of the Miss Venezuela event to battling with her sexuality, and composes that she trusts she can motivate individuals to “experience their truth.”