Rihanna Is in a Fight With DC Comics Over Use of the Name “Robyn”

"Rihanna"Did the Cannes Film FeRihanna is currently so acclaimed that she is battling with genuine superheroes. In fact, she’s battling with their attorneys over who can trademark the name “Robyn,” however the point still stands. As genuine chief naval officers of the Navy know, Robyn is Rihanna’s first name, utilized fundamentally by her companions, her family, and her driver’s permit. Board reports that last year, Ri’s organization Roraj Trade connected to enroll “Robyn” to utilize it later for “giving on-line non-downloadable general highlight magazines.” DC Comics accepts that this obscure magazine thought sounds “indistinguishable and/or exceedingly related” to their current Robin funnies properties and have now formally restricted the proposed “Robyn” trademark. Battle!

DC is concerned that the Robin/Robyn thing “is prone to bring about disarray, reason botch, or to swindle general society” into suspecting that Robyn-marked things are really from DC or that the two properties are joined. Law site Pirated Thoughts additionally noticed that DC considers “Rihanna is exchanging off the gigantic goodwill connected with the ROBIN trademark and weakening its peculiarity.” It may sound a tiny bit insane, yet she did wear that titan yellow cape to the Met Gala. Has she been copying Robin the whole time?! (No, on the grounds that clearly she’d be the Batman.)stival Deny Women Entry for Wearing Flats?