Rihanna’s Rihanket, Coming Soon to a Drugstore Near You


Nothing made a greater impression at the 2015 Met Gala than Rihanna’s 55-pound couture omelet, as prove by the large number of egg-themed images that simply continue advancing. On Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel joined the enjoyment with a fake business for the Rihanket (at 2:34 in the beneath feature), a Rihanna-enlivened, Snuggie-esque cover cape that gloats “more than 1,000 astounding uses around the home.” It can wipe, it can clean, it can turn into a tent after all other options have been exhausted — it truly does everything! Best of all, its a take at only four simple installments of $29,999.99. I’ll take two, Jimmy.Rihanna likewise bounced in on Instagram, offering a feature of an exceptionally in vogue puppy bopping along to “Bitch Better Have My Money” while brandishing a pup-size form of the brilliant outfit. Who wore it better?

Rihanna’s dress was a custom couture piece, sewn by one lady over the previous year, that won’t be accessible in stores, so Kimmel figured out how to make it for prevalent utilization

“From the producers of the Snuggie and the Sham Wow comes the Rihanket,” a voiceover says, promoting a yellow sheet with red plans like Rihanna’s outfit.

It has more than 1,000 uses, as a dress, coat, cover, tent, mop, duster, stroller, security gadget, a chuppa