Selena Gomez Fashion News

"selena_gomez_at_the_disney_channel_headquarters"Selena Gomez at the Disney Channel Headquarters

In 2010, Selena Gomez released her 1st album “Kiss & Tell” after having risen to prominence as a spunky youngster witch on Disney’s The Wizards of Waverly Place. That year Selena Gomez also launched her possess clothing line Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez, a compilation featuring extravagant peasant tops which were diplomat of her have possession of saccharine and girly style at the time.

"Selena Gomez"Selena Gomez at the Venice Film Festival

Selena Gomez really came into her have possession of as a fashionista in 2012 when she dropped Bieber and took her acting career to the subsequently level in Harmony Korine’s wild Spring Breakers. Selena Gomez represented the film at the Venice Film Festival wearing a stylish black and gold Dolce & Gabbana dress—we knew Selena Gomez fashion was maturing for the reason that Helen Mirren was speckled in an extremely related look.

"Selena Gomez"

Selena Gomez at the Billboard Music Awards

Most recent week at the Billboard Music Awards, it was apparent that Selena Gomez has left her tween days at the back (though she was sitting back with the Biebs)—her attractive Atelier Versace gown was jumpy and ultra-cool, not to talk about skin-baring in a definitively non-Disney-approved technique. As her newest single says, this setup seemed to be telling the world, “If you’re ready come and get it.”