Selena Gomez Thinks Life Is Hard

"Selena-gomez"The 22-year-old artist, who part from Justin Bieber last October following four years of dating and looked for treatment in recovery in mid 2014, demands nothing has ever been “super simple” for her.

Asked what she supposes is the importance of life, she said: “In case I’m abhorring what I’m doing, then I’m doing something incorrectly. I think life is, hard and I’ve never had anything come super simple to me regardless of what individuals may think, and I keep on being the best I can be and I simply need to appreciate it. We just have one life and it is valuable, there’s a great deal that we can do and there’s a considerable measure that we ought to do. In case you’re great and you’re caring to other individuals and you buckle down and you’re really doing something with your life, I imagine that is so satisfying.”

The ‘Come & Get It’ hitmaker, who credits her mom Mandy for helping her to stay grounded, is presently chipping away at her fourth studio collection and can hardly wait for individuals to hear her new music.

The previous Disney star told fans amid a Google Hangout: “I’ve been perpetually chipping away at my new collection, that is just about sort of near to being finished. I’ve been in the studio continually, and I’m so on edge for you folks to see everything and hear everything. Anyway, simply realize that its the best that I’ve ever done and you folks won’t be frustrated!”