Kylie Jenner Addresses the Dummies Making Comments About Her Weight

"Kylie Jenner"

Kylie Jenner has obviously been getting some Internet poo following the time when she picked up a couple pounds. You most likely didn’t even notice the slight change in an adolescent’s body in light of the fact that you don’t spend your days contemplating photographs of her like its your low maintenance work (without pay),…

Kylie Jenner Clarifies Those “High as F*ck” Comments

"Kylie Jenner"

Your nonexistent closest companion perpetually Mila Kunis sat down for a Reddit AMA and got genuine about the hardest part she’s ever tackled: parenthood. Because of the inquiry regarding how parenthood has transformed her most, she composed: EVERYTHING changed. I am pleased to be a housewife. I have no yearning to be before the cam….