5 Things Not to Say to a Married Woman Who Didn’t Change Her Name

"Married Woman"

1. What do I even call you? This is genuinely something I was asked a week ago. Call me by my first and last name, similar to you’ve been accomplishing for exacting years. In the event that that is befuddling to you, I feel like you shouldn’t be permitted to work an engine vehicle, handle…

Rihanna Is in a Fight With DC Comics Over Use of the Name “Robyn”


Did the Cannes Film FeRihanna is currently so acclaimed that she is battling with genuine superheroes. In fact, she’s battling with their attorneys over who can trademark the name “Robyn,” however the point still stands. As genuine chief naval officers of the Navy know, Robyn is Rihanna’s first name, utilized fundamentally by her companions, her…