Nail Art at New York Fashion Week

"Nail Art at New York Fashion Week"

Here i am going to show you 8 runway manicures you need to copy – The perfect manicure lies somewhere between over-the-top nail art and those a little-too-nice nude nails I kept seeing backstage at New York Fashion Week. Whether a highlighted half-moon, a gilded tip, or a bit of added sparkle, these manis are…

New York Fashion Week 2014 Ends

"New York Fashion Week 2014 Ends"

Fashionistas ascended over sleet banks and restrained themselves with their purses in contradiction of ruthless wind and slush as a winter storm covered New York City on Thursday, the concluding day of Fashion Week. But neither wind nor sleet nor snow stopped most fashion fans from their appointed rounds — i.e., the high-profile shows that…

New York loves in fashion

"New York loves in fashion"

An alternative fashion event called Made is coming out of the shadow of the official New York fashion week and is bringing big-name commercial partners along for the ride. It’s Fashion Week vs Fashion Week. As the extravaganza of designers, models, bloggers, buyers and magazine editors unfolds in New York this week, a once-scruffy shadow…

New York Fashion Week 2014

""New York Fashion Week"

New York Fashion Week is the most innovative and attractive issue for every fashion designers. In this year 2014 is the eye opener for them to understand that what sort of fashion strategy will follow by the American people and it will create the domination power by the fashion ingredients to all over the world….

Fashion fans assemble to New York for inauguration of newest looks

"Fashion fans assemble to New York for inauguration of newest looks"

Fashion followers and fans fall away upon New York this week for displays by designers – from jumpy newcomers to effective veterans – who say, in spite of its faults, Fashion Week is important to dress success. The semi-annual fashion binge has confronted a growing refrain of criticism over its role and consequence in the…