Dakota Johnson gets sultry for Elle magazine

"Dakota Johnson"

Dakota Johnson really a hot name for the year 2014. She made something to call him a hot girl for the year 2014. And its a look for the year 2014 of women’s fashion. All about Dakota Johnson are given below. ‘I have no shame,’ Dakota Johnson said on the reasons why she can take…

Fashion fans assemble to New York for inauguration of newest looks

"Fashion fans assemble to New York for inauguration of newest looks"

Fashion followers and fans fall away upon New York this week for displays by designers – from jumpy newcomers to effective veterans – who say, in spite of its faults, Fashion Week is important to dress success. The semi-annual fashion binge has confronted a growing refrain of criticism over its role and consequence in the…

For Fitness Sticking to Your Diet

The Mostly of individuals assume that if they start exertion, they will eat innumerable unhealthy foods and still slenderize. sadly, this technique ne’er works and can keep you at your current weight, or maybe put on pounds. Changing your diet is that the key to losing weight, however it is difficult making an attempt to…

Women’s shoes history

"Women's shoes history"

With recent news coverage surrounding the launch of Sarah Jessica Parker’s much anticipated shoe line it is safe to say that women’s footwear is a hot topic of conversation at the moment. From the first ‘Chopines’ being invented in the early 15th century, Queen Elizabeth’s boots becoming a fashion statement in the late 1800s, all…

Milan Fashion Week Winter 2014

"Milan Fashion Week Winter 2014"

Milan Fashion Week autumn/winter 2014: Prada and Moncler lift the gender divide. Is it the end of the world if labels opt to showcase women’s wear at Milan Men’s Fashion Week? Luke Leitch thinks not. The squabble for keeping women’s fashion shows and men’s fashion shows distinct makes unquestionable sense if you are a vender….

Feminism is back in fashion

"Feminism is back in fashion"

The overriding trend that’s shaping fashion for the coming season, the one thing that no one will be able to avoid, is not a colour, a shape, a decade or even a fabric. It is, rather, a movement. Fashion has finally got in touch with its (deeply buried) feminist side. This is not sartorial politics…

Tangle wood teenager creates waves in women’s fashion

"Amir Taghi shows an example of his clothing designs."

Tangle wood’s Amir Taghi, 18, isn’t working to stop subsequently be in power as one of three “emerging designers” in most recent fall’s Fashion Houston at the Wortham Center. The junior at Episcopal High School presented his spring and summer 2014 assortment in conjunction with top fashion designers Catherine Deane, Marios Schwab and Talbot Runhof….

Marge Simpson becomes a fashion makeover

"Marge Simpson"

Cartoon heads of state Marge Simpson has been specified a fashionable new look thanks to Italian performer AleXsandro Palombo. Best known for making unbecoming representations of well-known style figures, Palombo has brought into being an not likely muse in Marge Simpson. The gifted illustrator has specified the first lady of Springfield a far-reaching restoration encouraged…

The Japanese women’s fashion Future

"The Japanese women’s fashion Future"

At the end of previous year, Nikkei Trendy circulated their list of tendencies to look for in 2014. Among their entrances was one specific fashion that’s been increasingly gaining impetus in Japan among young women and getting the attention of the media. It’s called Top Gun Girl and as the name proposes, it’s a highway…