Taylor Swift would like to be known as “the Heartbreak Queen”.

Taylor-swiftTaylor Swift would like to be known as “the Heartbreak Queen”.

The 25-year-old vocalist – who is as of now dating Calvin Harris – demands she is an extremely cheerful individual notwithstanding imparting her relationship misfortunes to past beaus, including Harry Styles and John Mayer, in a considerable lot of her tunes.

Addressing the June issue of America’s Elle magazine, she said: “I would prefer not to be known as the Heartbreak Queen. I need to be known for having a delightful life. What’s more, that doesn’t imply that everything must be great constantly. There’s excellence in the good and bad times. I need to be known similar to a decent companion. I need to be known for being truly faithful. I absolutely never need to be the individual who takes a gander at other individuals in their industry as rivalry and accordingly winds up either alone or encompassed by a company of individuals who let them know they’re beautiful and flawless and the best and ruler and the greater part of that. I don’t generally have quite a bit of a ruler complex.”

In spite of being substance with her life and profession, Taylor no more trusts in the thought of “cheerfully ever after,” however she does plans to discover enduring affection.

She clarified: “Now I have to a greater extent a grip on the way that when you’re in a condition of captivation and you think everything that individual does is impeccable, it then – in case you’re fortunate – transforms into a genuine relationship when you see that individual is not truth be told flawless, but rather you will need to see them consistently.”