The Japanese women’s fashion Future

"The Japanese women’s fashion Future"At the end of previous year, Nikkei Trendy circulated their list of tendencies to look for in 2014. Among their entrances was one specific fashion that’s been increasingly gaining impetus in Japan among young women and getting the attention of the media. It’s called Top Gun Girl and as the name proposes, it’s a highway to the danger region of being both a little kawaii and a little militaristic.

Top Gun Girl isn’t completely new but is still in its beginning in terms of becoming a conventional fashion movement. At the moment there are three stand-out mechanisms of the elegance.

MA-1 Jackets
Initially designed for military usage in the 1950s, these bomber jackets have originated a place in civilian men’s fashion from place to place of the world. Whether it was over and done with servicemen or the counter-culture punks of the 70s and 80s these jackets represented jagged manliness on both flanks of the political barrier.

Since then I’ve adhered to the cosiness and usefulness of these jackets just hopeful for a comeback to put me back in smartness. I just wasn’t imagining this kind of comeback. Penetrating for MA-1 online has progressively been rotating up more and more women’s clothing shops such as these sequined numbers.

Of course standard MA-1 bomber jackets without the accompaniments are becoming popular women’s clothing as well.


Camouflage designs have been attractive common in both men’s and women’s styles for numerous years now. However, we might soon see a big increase in women exhausting troublesome designs in 2014 Japan.


Possibly the most stand-out constituent of Top Gun Girl is the yoke which substitutes the more old-style belt and suspenders. Although the yokes marketed to women aren’t actually like those damaged by fighter pilots, the stimulus can still be said to come from them.

By now you’ll perhaps have congregated that the name Top Gun Girl was more of an after-thought with respects to the movie, particularly since Tom Cruise and his Navy pilot friends wore G-1 leather jackets rather than the MA-1 coats that are trending now.

Nonetheless, this style is worrying for us males. Women rivalling a movie so manly that it borders on homo-eroticism leave guys with little room for stating their own masculinity. At least we still have handlebar moustaches and bandoliers for now.